transplant360 web app

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The transplant360 web app has been developed by Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd in conjunction with the transplant360 Task Force to help patients monitor their post-transplant health. It is free to register and can be accessed via or via a smartphone.

As a transplant recipient, this web app allows you to:

Make sense of the many test results you might receive after transplantation

• Enter key lab results and target values
• View displays of changes over time

Keep track of the multiple medications you may be taking after transplantation

• Enter your immunosuppressant schedule and track daily medication taking
• Complete the BAASIS© questionnaire for medication taking

Discuss progress with your transplant team

• Share your current health status via a unique PIN in advance of appointments
• List questions to ask at review appointments
• Discuss the results of the BAASIS© questionnaire

Make healthy lifestyle changes

• Set goals based around fitness, diet and weight
• Record your achievements

Help manage your transplant medications with our web app